40 Foot Yacht: Guide to Buying New and Used Boats

When purchasing a boat or a yacht, the type of boating you intend to do will provide general direction towards what type of yacht you will need. Other questions to consider are: What is your perfect day on the water? Will you be doing plenty of day boating, or more long-range cruising? Do you plan to use the yacht for fishing, cruising or both? How much time do you plan to spend on the yacht (day, weekends, weeks, etc.)? How many people do you plan to take on the yacht with you on a typical trip? Do you plan to sleep overnight on the yacht? Where do you plan to keep the yacht? What is your prior boating experience? Is speed important to you?

The size of vessel is one of the most important elements to decide upon. The 40 foot mark is a common boundary line for boaters searching for a new vessel. While the terms boat and yacht are often used interchangeably, most agree that the term yacht is indeed applicable to any boat over 40 feet in length. As you get over 100 feet in length, the common term tends to shift towards “mega yacht.”

Moreover, a 40 foot yacht often comes into focus for couples looking to do a bit more than simple day boating. While the boat is still quite manageable, it can often come with multiple living spaces and plenty of amenities at an affordable price.

Deciding between a new and used boat will also be a major consideration. While new boats cost more, a custom yacht can often be built to your exact desires and specifications. Additionally, a new 40 foot yacht will typically include the latest technology and amenities.

Tom George Yacht Group is able to provide a myriad of options for boaters looking for a new or used yacht in the 40 – 50 foot range. Some of our featured new yachts in this range are detailed below:

Hatteras GT45x

Image 1494: 2949

The new Hatteras GT45x Express Sportfish is an amazing addition to the Hatteras express sportfish line. This yacht is fast with optional CAT C-18 1150hp motors which provides cruising capabilities in the 32-35kt range. The yacht with an extensive a la carte menu of options to choose from including a sportfish tower, gyro stabilizer, CAT 360 joystick docking and station keeping and more. Click here to read more about the Hatteras GT45x.

Hatteras GT45x Flybridge

The Hatteras GT45x Flybridge is a high performing express sportfish model from Hatteras. Like the GT45x, this yacht has optional CAT C-18 1150hp motors which provides cruising capabilities in the 32-35kt range and a myriad of additional options. If seeking something in the range of a 40 foot yacht and performance and offshore fishing are your priorities, it’s hard to beat the GT45x Flybridge. Click here to read more about the Hatteras GT45x Flybridge.

Carver C40 Command Bridge

Image 1493: 2557

Carver provides a range of yachts from 34’ to 52’ in both express style couples and command fly bridge models, and the C40 Command Bridge has caught the attention of boaters everywhere with the attention to detail and features delivered with this beautiful yacht. Interior space is a priority on the C40 with an impressive 13’6” beam, and the extra space is used well with beautiful finishes and “wow” features. Click here to read more about the Carver C40 Command Bridge.

Carver C43 Coupe

Image 1495: 3304

The Carver C43 Coupe is another impressive yacht that Carver has launched in recent years. The cutting edge styling and performance data of the C43 continue to impress boaters everywhere. Like all Carver Yachts, the C43 is built tough with “infusion technology.” The result is less weight, more strength and better performance.Click here to read more about the Carver C43 Coupe.

Everglades 435CC

The flagship model from Everglades is one of the most sought after 40+ foot center consoles on the market. The 435CC provides a functional, yet luxurious layout unique to its class. With a 400-mile range at 40mph, finding beautiful fishing grounds won’t be difficult.

EdgeWater 370CC

The new EdgeWater 370CC is the next evolution from EdgeWater’s very successful 368CC model. The boat is powered by triple Yamaha 300hp engines which enables the boat to top 60mph easily. The boat comes with fantastic features such as two cavernous fishboxes and two live wells. With the performance and features, the EdgeWater 370CC is a great option for someone looking in the 40 foot yacht range, but focused on getting to excellent fishing grounds quickly.Click here to read more about the EdgeWater 370CC.