45 Foot Yacht Guide: Finding the Best Yacht for You and Your Family

A 45 foot yacht is a common size vessel for boaters looking to do a bit more than simple day boating or for individuals looking to downsize from a larger yacht. A 45 foot yacht is considered by many boaters to be a great “sweet spot” of providing multiple living spaces and plenty of amenities while still being a very manageable boat. The affordability compared to larger yachts make this size range attractive as well.

While identifying the right size vessel for you is key, you’ll want to consider a number of additional questions about your intended boating activities to help narrow down your buying options. What is your perfect day on the water? Will you be doing a lot of day boating, or mostly long-range cruising? Will you be fishing on the water? How much time do you plan to spend on the yacht (for example, a day, weekends or longer)? Will you be sleeping overnight on the yacht? What is your prior boating experience? How important is speed?

The answers to these questions will be useful in narrowing down the options for consideration. Another major consideration when purchasing a yacht is whether you will opt for a new vessel or go the route of a pre-owned yacht. 

If your yachting experience is limited, going with a new 45 foot yacht can be an attractive option. Buying a new yacht gives boaters an increased sense of security as it limits the unknowns that might come with a pre-owned vessel. You’ll know all the components are working as designed and the yacht will come with a warranty. 

If you have years of experience on the water and are comfortable in and around boats, hitting the pre-owned market might be simple and easy for you. Experienced boaters are less intimidated by potential maintenance and repairs that come with older vessels. While used boats cost less on the front end, buyers will want to consider the full cost of ownership which takes into account maintenance, insurance, and more. Also, buyers seeking options on the pre-owned market will want to only go back so many years. While large vessels get increasingly inexpensive the more years you go back, boats with a significant number of years on them can be misleading with respect to value. As a boat ages a number of years, the number of issues that arise that an owner must deal with increase dramatically. We typically suggest sticking with newer boats even if that means a slightly smaller vessel.

Of course, if you’re using a yacht broker, this process is simplified and you can leverage the broker’s knowledge to seek out the best options from both new yachts and the pre-owned market.

Having the right yacht broker can make or break the yacht purchase process. Tom George Yacht Group brokers first seek to understand the buyer’s long-term goals with the vessel and present purchase options for consideration that will maximize the potential for long-term enjoyment and successful ownership.

What about yacht type? Cruisers tend to go by a number of different terms such as express cruiser or sports cruiser. Either way, they describe a yacht with a single deck above the hull and living quarters down below. These yachts tend to be more sleek and sporty.

Flybridge or sedan bridge yachts are essentially express yachts with another level on top of the main deck that is large enough for a control station and some seating. The flybridge gives the owner a way to navigate the vessel from a higher vantage point, get a more open air feel while navigating or simply provide a way to get away from the other guests down below. 

Another category that can occasionally overlap with the others is the motor yacht or power cruiser category. These boats tend to have very nice accommodations for owners and guests while providing ample power to get where they want to get. 

A sportfish is a general term used to describe yachts that are geared towards fishing which is common in this size range. These yachts will have a spacious cockpit from which to fish and have features and storage aimed at storing and handling rods, bait, tackle and other gear you might have to pursue your trophy catch.

Unsure of the best yacht type or if a 45 foot yacht is the right size range for you? Talk to your yacht broker about how you plan to use the boat and he or she will be able to provide you with some excellent options to consider.

45 Foot Yacht Options

Marquis 42 Express

The new Marquis 42 Express features a large bathing platform aft with abundant, luxurious seating and lounge space outdoors. The air-conditioned cabin will feature a full head, galley and dinette that converts into a berth for overnight stays. It will come standard with most features but the owner can select either a hardtop or bimini top as well as customize the color scheme of the hull and soft goods to taste. 

Carver C43 Coupe

The Carver C43 Coupe has a two stateroom, two head layout. The cutting edge styling and performance data of the C43 continue to impress boaters everywhere. Like all Carver Yachts, the C43 is built tough with “infusion technology.” The result is less weight, more strength and better performance. 

Everglades 435 CC

The flagship model from Everglades the 435CC is one of the most sought after 40+ center consoles on the market. The layout is functional and luxurious at the same time, something that a lot of large center consoles have a tough time achieving. There is no need to sacrifice comfort on this center console and with the ability to add quad 425 HP Yamahas on the back you will not only be the most comfortable but one of the fastest. Learn more about the Everglades 435 CC.


Finding the right 45 foot yacht can be a challenging process depending on your boating experience. Partnering with a Tom George Yacht Group yacht broker can help ensure a smooth process and an end result that leads to years of satisified boating. Please let us know how we can help you in your yacht buying process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of yacht should I get?

The type of yacht you purchase will be largely dictated by how you plan to use the yacht. If you plan to use the yacht mostly for fishing, a sportfish or large center console boat can be a great fit. If doing weekends away or overnighting with guests is a priority, a motor yacht or cruiser could be a great option. Talk to our yacht broker professionals to get further guidance on the best fit based on your planned usage.

Should I consider a pre-owned yacht?

Value can be had on the pre-owned yacht market if you have the experience to know what to look for and what to avoid. Furthermore, partnering with the right yacht broker can be crucial especially when considering pre-owned yachts. While the upfront cost for a pre-owned vessel can be less than purchasing new, it’s important to think through all costs associated with ownership including maintenance, insurance and more.

What’s a great starting point for a yacht search?

Contacting a yacht broker can jumpstart your search process as your broker can provide a list of options well suited to your needs. Furthermore, a large boat show can be a great way to gain exposure to a myriad of boat and yacht options on the market today.