50 Foot Yacht: Guide to Buying New and Used Boats

Boat owners will often move into the 50 foot yacht range when looking to do more than simple day boating excursions. While still typically owner-operated, a 50 foot yacht provides increased flexibility with regards to living spaces and can offer a wide array of amenities that suite your tastes and needs while on the water.

When moving from a vessel in the 40 foot range up to the 50 foot range, owners can begin expecting three stateroom layouts. Moreover, newer products such as the Carver C52 offer full beam master bedrooms which provides luxurious space while resting at sea. Once an owner experiences the full beam master bedroom, it’s difficult to go back!

50 foot yacht

Also of note to existing and future owners of 50 foot yacht vessels,Sea Ray announced in 2018 that they will no longer be producing sport yacht and yacht models above 40 feet. The announcement means that a large brand is exiting this particular space. Boaters looking for a new yacht in this class, however, still have a number of excellent options as other manufacturers and brands have responded with increased investment in current and future models.

If you’re considering purchasing a new or used boat, there are a few things you might consider as you narrow your options. First, what type of boating do you intend to do? This will provide some helpful direction towards the type of yacht you’ll require. How much time do you plan to spend on the boat? How many people do you plan to take with you, and how many will need to be sleeping aboard the boat? How important is speed and do you have any size restrictions based on where you plan to keep your boat?

Having an idea regarding how much you want to spend on your yacht will also help the process. As you consider the financial components of the purchase, don’t forget to consider the costs associated with care and maintenance. Not only are these important elements of owning and operating a yacht, they will also pay off down the road during a re-sale process.

Choosing between a new and used yacht is also a major consideration. While a used vessel will cost less, buying new means you can have access to the latest technology and amenities while also making specific selections tailored to your tastes and desires.

If you are a first time owner, a few other things to keep in mind before purchasing are: Where do you plan to keep the boat? You’ll want this lined up prior to finalizing a purchase. Additionally, do you have insurance? Make sure you have insurance coverage finalized before taking possession of the boat (if you’re financing the boat, this is required).

These are some of the initial questions and considerations to think through when planning your next purchase. A TGYG professional can help guide you through additional questions to further narrow down the best options and help ensure you’re purchasing the right yacht for you and your family.

New 50 Foot Yacht Options

Tom George Yacht Group is able to provide a number of options for individuals seeking a new or used yacht in the 50 foot range. Here are a few of our featured new yacht options:

Carver C52 Coupe

Image 1490: 50 foot yacht 2

The flagship of Carver’s new modern, state of the art fleet of cruising yachts is the very extraordinary C52 Coupe. The C52 incorporates the spacious layouts and the elegant design features that Carver accomplished on the C34, C37 and C43 coupes, and then took it to the next level in this remarkable yacht. The C52 Coupe is the crown jewel of the company’s recent design rejuvenation efforts, applying modern technology combined with over 60 years of experience to meet discerning yacht owners’ expectations. Click here to learn more about the Carver C52 Coupe.

Carver C52 Command Bridge

The remarkable C52 Command Bridge has the distinction of being the largest flybridge cruiser in Carver’s growing feet of newly designed contemporary yachts. The C52’s impressive framework allowed her designers to capitalize on the special benefits and styling advantages created by employing a striking axe bow and high freeboard architecture. The extra space and performance benefits of this design carried forward from the smaller C36 and C40 with even more dramatic results on the C52. Click here to learn more about the Carver C52 Command Bridge.

Hatteras GT54 Convertible Sportfish

Image 1491: 50 foot yacht 3

The Hatteras GT54 is the sports car of the GT fleet. She is nimble and easy to handle with rock solid Hatteras construction DNA…giving you a ride like none other. Click here to learn more about the Hatteras GT54.