60 Foot Yacht: A Guide to Buying Your Next Yacht

Boaters often look to make the move from a smaller vessel to a 60 foot yacht when they seek to expand the possible boating excursions available to them. While simple day outings remain doable, yachts in this size range also offer the ability to travel further, the option to host more guests and the enjoyment of a myriad of amenities.

A yacht in the 60 foot range is also approaching the upper end of the owner/operator range as most owners in the 70 foot and up range typically do not operate the yacht themselves.

Buying a 60 foot yacht likely involves more decisions than a smaller vessel. For instance, the larger the vessel, the more important build quality becomes. Additionally, yacht type, cruising speed and yacht propulsion should all be considered. We’ll cover each of these items in this guide.

60 foot yacht

Yacht Type

A 60 foot yacht can come in a number of different types and identifying your desired yacht type is a great starting point. While yacht type nomenclature can vary in different parts of the world, we’ll stick to the broader classification of an express yacht versus a flybridge yacht.

The express yacht (sometimes referred to as express cruiser or sports cruiser) refers to a yacht with a single deck above the hull and living space below. These yachts are often sporty and sleek looking.

Within the express category, the vessels can vary further. For example, a “Mediterranean” style yacht can often be referred to as an open express yacht and is characterized by maximum space for sun and little to no shade on the deck. The open express is contrasted with a typical hard top express which typically offers a semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed space for the operator.

While the express yacht emphasizes a two-deck layout, the flybridge yacht (sometimes referred to as a sedan bridge or a sport bridge) is a yacht that includes an additional space above the main deck, often with seating and a control station. Due to the flybridge above, the main deck on these vessels often includes an enclosed space and living quarters below.

The flybridge space can be open air or enclosed and can include a hard top depending on the yacht.

Yacht Propulsion

As you make investment decision regarding your new or used 60 foot yacht, it’s important to consider the propulsion types available today.

Most boat owners are familiar with inboard propulsion. Straight shaft inboard propulsion is the traditional form of propulsion you’ll find in boating. It involves a rear-facing engine connected to a transmission and a driftshaft that comes out of the bottom of the boat. V-drive inboard yachts have forward facing motors, positioned further back, with a transmission that redirects the driveshaft toward the back of the vessel. With the engines further back in the V-drive systems, interior cabin space can be further maximized.

Pod drive propulsion is the alternative to shaft drive propulsion, and since the Volvo Penta pod drive system debuted back in 2005, yacht owners have been intrigued by the benefits that such systems offer. Pod drives are a power system that is without shafts, struts and rudders. Instead of a traditional shaft-based system, one or more self-contained “pods” transfer the engine’s power into thrust.

60 foot yacht pods

The main benefits of a pod drive system are better fuel economy, increased handling and performance, less noise, less vibration, joystick docking and position fixing. It’s important to note that pod drive systems are typically more expensive and require certified technicians for servicing. With that said, however, with enough use, the fuel savings gained by using the pod system can, at least in part, make up for the additional investment that pod drive systems require.

Should you find yourself with additional questions regarding pod drive systems or other propulsion systems, please feel free to ask questions to our experienced yacht brokers.

New or Used?

Choosing between a new and used 60 foot yacht is another major consideration as you plan your purchase. A new build obviously comes with a higher price tag, but the features, amenities and configuration can be tailored to your exact desires. Moreover, a new build offers the opportunity to include all the latest technology that might be available in the yacht industry.

Whether purchasing a new or a used yacht, Tom George Yacht Group can help you acquire the perfect vessel for you, your family and your lifestyle. Below are some of the featured new yachts that Tom George Yacht Group can offer in this size range. Additionally, you can browse the available used yachts on the market by clicking here.

Hatteras GT59

Hatteras has conceived the all-new GT59 with an acute understanding of tournament life in mind. The design team for this sleek convertible has brought together 40+ knot top-end speed, outstanding seakeeping ability and the most comfortable ride in its class. The GT59 comes tournament-ready with integrated rigging and storage bow to stern. It’s also built to wow inside, with a remarkably spacious 3-stateroom / 2-head arrangement or choice of optional tackle center or third head. Click here to learn more about the Hatteras GT59.

Hatteras M60

Image 1492: 3074

Although it sets the stage for the more expansive offerings within the Hatteras family, there is nothing entry-level about the Hatteras M60. A perfect choice for an owner-operator because of its ease of use and intuitive operation, the 60 over delivers on every feature for an experience that follows suit. By design, the entire layout below and above deck feels more spacious than you would expect. Click here to learn more about the Hatteras M60.

Hatteras GT65 Carolina

The new GT65 Carolina will replace the GT63 and signals a new design direction, enhanced performance and custom features for clients seeking an alternative to either a custom builder or other competitors’ ordinary off-the-shelf boats. The first renderings of the new Hatteras GT65 reveal a sleek profile that refreshes the look of the GT Series while still maintaining its core Hatteras DNA. Its new flybridge arrangement features an ergonomically-designed console that puts all the controls within easy reach. It also incorporates the latest and largest navigation and fishfinding electronics in a non-glare, flush-mounted, “glass cockpit” helm array.Click here to learn more about the Hatteras GT65 Carolina.