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Hatteras Unveils the new CABO 41 Express

By Jimmy Rogers Certified Professional Yacht Broker at Tom George Yacht Group

A little background…back in the early 2010's Brunswick (the old owner of Hatteras and CABO, also own currently Sea Ray and Boston Whaler) decided to merge the legendary brands Hatteras and CABO. They closed the CABO factory in Adelanto, California and brought production of CABO yachts to the Hatteras factory in New Bern, North Carolina in an effort to save manufacturing costs and consolidate production…so Hatteras-CABO Yachts was born.

Having been the dealer for Hatteras and CABO at the time we were witness to that consolidation. It benefitted both brands, with the best of the Hatteras and CABO construction techniques being employed to raise the bar for quality and construction all around.

In 2014, Hatteras-CABO made the decision to focus on the Hatteras brand exclusively and put a halt to the production of CABO for the time being. Since then we have seen Hatteras come out with some really incredible models: the GT45x, GT45x Flybridge, GT59, GT70, M75, M90 and 105 Raised Pilothouse.

After that run with a number of successful Hatteras models they deemed it prime time to re-introduce the CABO brand to the world, hence the new CABO 41 Express.

Why does it matter? In an industry awash with big center consoles in this size range, we believe that there is a demand for a top quality express sportfish yacht for people that desire more comfort and space all while remaining in a manageable and easy to operate package…a much more versatile boat with similar performance.

By The Numbers

Just take a look at the layout of the CABO 41 to see how much volume you are getting:

CABO 41 Specifications:

Length: 42 ' 10 "
Beam: 15 ' 9 "
Draft: 3 ' 5 "
Weight: 38,000 lbs (full load)
Fuel: 600gal (total tankage)
Freshwater: 95gal
Sleeps: 4
Cruise Speed: 30 knots
Range @ Cruise: 302 Nautical Miles

Compared with a Boston Whaler 42' Center Console:

Boston Whaler 420 Outrage Specifications
Length: 42 ' 6 "
Beam: 13 '
Draft: 2 ' 7 "
Weight: 28,991 lbs (full load)
Fuel: 600gal
Freshwater: 40gal
Sleeps: 2
Cruise Speed: 29 knots
Range @ Cruise: 293 Nautical Miles

I have to admit when I got through the smoke and mirrors and actually compared the hard data (making sure you are comparing Nautical Miles to Nautical Miles in the range, the actual tankage vs. the 50 gallon margin CABO uses on the specs on their website)…there is really not a performance benefit on the comparable length center console!

The “conventional wisdom” for a long period of time has been that the outboard boats are a much more efficient platform, being so much lighter and narrower that they are faster and more fuel efficient…in this case it is not true…the numbers do not lie!


Probably the biggest knock on the old CABO line of boats was that while they were incredibly seaworthy and solid…THEY WERE LOUD! Those big diesel engines rumbling would chatter your teeth! In short, not the best table manners.

Enter Hatteras…and new technology. Towards the end of the old CABO production run there was a lot of experimentation going on to reduce the amount of noise and vibration the CABOs put out…I was on the front lines of that with the testing and upgrades that were being done on both the old CABO 44HTX and the new Hatteras GT45x. Today those methods and some new technology are being employed on the new 41 CABO express to make it palatable for those that have grown accustomed to the quiet hum of outboard engines.

The methods being used:

  • New Volvo Common Rail Diesel Engines
  • Hatteras Custom Exhaust Mufflers with Bypass Piping
  • Exhaust Baffles
  • Hatteras Patented Prop Pocket Air Induction
  • Noise and Vibration Reducing Paint on Exhaust Systems
  • Heavy Insulation in the Engine Room

All of these steps taken and new technology diesel engines heavily reduce the amount of noise and vibration, allowing for a pleasant cruising experience, even for those that are a little on the sensitive side.


The new CABO 41 Express is available with all of the latest technological advances that boaters have come to expect in a top of the line sportfishing yacht:

  • Seakeeper 6 Gyro Stabilizer
    - Even with a wide 15'9" beam a gyro stabilizer is available for those that want the ultimate in stability. You can have the gyro installed by Hatteras or opt to have it “Seakeeper Ready” for a later install should you desire it at a later date.
  • Joystick Docking System
    - Volvo offers a high end joystick docking system that is available on the CABO 41. This utilizes the main engines, rudders and bow thruster to make for effortless docking and maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Volvo Glass Cockpit
    - Volvo offers in coordination with Garmin a “Glass Cockpit” helm station in which all of your electronics and engine diagnostics are available on the Garmin chartplotter screens. This cleans up your helm dash and puts all your systems in one place for effortless use.


One area where the center console set does not even compare is the cabin…a real cabin. The CABO 41 features a spacious salon with L-shaped sofa (converts to bed), large galley with abundant storage, full head with walk-in shower and a sizeable bow stateroom compete with bulkhead and door for privacy. This amount of interior space allows for a lot of versatility in the use of the yacht…accommodations for the guy's fishing trips, comfort for time with family and confidence to be able to spend more than one night aboard without the “camping” feel that you get with the small center console cabins.

Designated rod storage is available in the cabin in a number of locations, ensuring that you can have your gear stored in a safe and climate controlled location without getting in the way.

The cabin is spacious even when compared with other similar size express yachts, such as the Tiara 4300. This is made possible by the open floorplan salon and simple, well thought through layout.

The vibe in the cabin is crisp, clean and contemporary…paying homage to the CABOs of the past while bringing the brand into the current day. Light tans and neutral soft whites abound giving off a beach casual feel.


This is an area that to me seems very redundant to even bring up but certainly bears mentioning…CABO is a purpose built sportfishing yacht that is optimized in every way to be a fishing machine. Plenty of storage for bait, tackle and your catch with a very spacious cockpit to work within…every item placed and designed with a purpose by fisherman to enhance the fishing experience.

Whether hitting the tournament circuit or just fishing for fun, know that if you own a CABO you will have the optimum platform to raise fish. When compared with a center console the CABO has some definite advantages when it comes to fishing:

  • Huge cockpit
  • Raised mezzanine seating
  • Clean transom to fish off of (no motors on the back)
  • Transom entry door to bring in your catch
  • Option for full sportfish tower w/many rodholders
  • Helm deck that provides comfort/protection from the elements and gets you to and from the fishing grounds without getting beat up…arrive fresh and get back home easy!


Solid. Like solid fiberglass hull bottom solid. Hull sides are cored with waterproof PVC encapsulated in fiberglass. Only the best vinylester resin is used for the ultimate in blister protection below the water line. The stringer system is fiberglass with PVC core for high rigidity and strength. There are only 3 main components to the structure of the boat to reduce the amount of flexing and wear of pieces over time: the Hull, the Deck and the Helm Deck Hatch. All the cabinetry below is fiberglass and epoxy tabbed and bonded to the hull and bulkhead structure to eliminate rattling and creaking. There is no balsa core utilized in the construction of the boat that other manufacturers use to save on cost…no corners cut here.


I am very excited to see CABO's return to the yachting and sportfish world, even in the short time that it was on a hiatus so much seems to have changed in the boating industry. A booming growth in domestic boating has been the primary driver here, allowing for further investments in technology that are enhancing the consumer experience and making yachting more accessible than ever before.

Both lifetime boaters and those new to the sport are getting in on the fun. There seems to be an endless array of options when looking for a boat that will most match your needs…and a lot of them come with big compromises. Lot of cruising amenities…. But few fishing amenities OR Plenty of open space for day cruising…but a tiny cabin OR low price…but poor quality.

I believe that the CABO 41 represents a well rounded yacht that is capable of great versatility for wide ranging uses that make her fun for the whole family.

  • She is an excellent cruiser with a smooth and quiet ride and optional gyro
  • She has a full cabin for longer stays aboard in comfort
  • She is optimal for diving and snorkeling with a huge cockpit for gear and optional swim platform
  • She is a fishing machine
  • She is easy to dock and maneuver with optional joystick system
  • She can run with the similar size center consoles in both speed and range
  • She is built tough to handle averse sea conditions when necessary
  • She is priced competitively with other similar size yachts and center consoles but offers a very high level of quality

The CABO 41 is set to debut at the Miami Boat Show February 2019. If you would like to receive regular updates and additional information as it comes available please e-mail us at info@TGYG.com or fill out the below form.