Catamaran Fishing Boats: Why You Should Consider an Offshore Multihull Boat

The market for offshore catamarans has exploded in recent years, and catamaran fishing boats are driving much of the surge in popularity. Newer catamarans are bigger, faster, highly fuel efficient and a near ideal fit for the angler on the west coast of Florida that needs to run 50 to 100 miles to his favorite […]

Deadrise Explained: What It Means and Why It Matters In Boating

Boat hulls are quite important when it comes to boating performance, ride comfort, stability and fuel economy. Deadrise is one of the more important metrics with respect to hull design. Deadrise is commonly used to determine how well a boat can cut through seas or how a boat rides. To fully illustrate the importance of deadrise, we’ll first look at the definition then look at why it matters in boating.

45 Foot Yacht Guide: Finding the Best Yacht for You and Your Family

A 45 foot yacht is a common size vessel for boaters looking to do a bit more than simple day boating or for individuals looking to downsize from a larger yacht. A 45 foot yacht is considered by many boaters to be a great “sweet spot” of providing multiple living spaces and plenty of amenities while still being a very manageable boat. The affordability compared to larger yachts make this size range attractive as well.

35 Foot Boat Guide: How To Find Your Perfect Vessel

Whether you’re considering downsizing from a larger yacht or upgrading from a smaller bowrider or center console, a 35 foot boat is an excellent option for boaters seeking the ability to do a wide range of activities on the water while still owning and operating a very manageable vessel. Safely handling your boat is of utmost importance and most experienced boaters can handle a 35 foot boat.

10 Things To Understand About Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is an important consideration if you’re planning to purchase and own a boat. Not only do you need to factor in insurance into the total cost of ownership, but insurance is crucial for protecting your asset and managing the liability risk that comes with boat ownership and operation.

Understanding The Boat Extended Warranty

While plenty of information regarding boat warranties exists, many boat owners and buyers continue to be confused about the options available to them. Boat warranties can vary by type and coverage depending on a number of variables.

Selling Your Boat: How To Get Top Dollar And A Quick Sale

Selling your boat can be a big decision that boat owners inevitably encounter. Typically boat owners decide between trading in the boat (if another boat has already been selected for purchase), listing your boat on your own or listing your boat with a broker.

Boat Loans: Understanding How Financing A Boat Works

While boat loans can differ from other forms of debt such as auto loans, the basic premise is similar. When financing a boat (or a car), there typically involves a down payment representing a partial amount of the purchase with the rest of the purchase price being borrowed. The purchaser then pays interest over a […]