Review of the Everglades 273cc

The Everglades 273cc is the prefect hybrid, take an exceptionally well-built 27ft offshore center console and todays new bay boats that blend well with the family and the 273cc Everglades […]

Review of the Everglades 243cc

If you believe that boats must be divided into fishing specialists and luxury cruising crafts, the Everglades 243cc breaks this barrier entirely. The 243cc is the perfect example of a […]

Cobalt 25SC Review

After more than four decades of crafting sterndrive boats, Cobalt’s first outboard-powered boat was well worth the wait. This amazingly versatile model allows you to cruise around the bay or […]

Cobalt 30SC Review

The Cobalt 30SC is the perfect example of a boat built to cater to boaters and families who are looking for more than a traditional bow rider. This vessel is great for anyone […]