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Dusty Smieja

New Product Sales Manager


Born in St. Paul, MN, Dusty was introduced to the water by his parents at just a few weeks old. Throughout his childhood he was always drawn to the magic and mystique of many of Minnesota's more than 10,000 lakes. The son of an Army veteran, Dusty learned at a very young age the values of honesty, work ethic and helping others. Dusty attended the University of Minnesota on an academic scholarship and was a 'walk on' to the ice hockey team, where he was part of their 2003 national championship team. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2006 and began working with one of the world's largest staffing companies. During this time, Dusty realized that he enjoyed taking the time to understand and help his clients achieve their goals, ambitions and desires. He learned that by placing his clients' objectives first and foremost, everything else sorts itself out.

Dusty continued to feel drawn to the water and wanted to incorporate his passion for it by working with people and boating. In 2013, he followed his passion and relocated to St. Petersburg with his wife Karli. When he first met Tom George, Dusty knew this was exactly what he'd been searching for. As a Cobalt Specialist, Dusty is able to serve customers as an expert resource for information they may be seeking while they're searching for their next boat. With his first-hand experience of seeing his dream of working with great people and boating realized, Dusty is committed to helping his clients fulfill their boating dreams as well!

Dusty quickly became a top seller with TGYG and he was awarded the top New Product salesperson in 2016 & 2017. Now as Sales Manager for TGYG's Clearwater store, he is able to continue working with boaters passionate about life on the water, and foster an environment of growth and development for the TGYG team.


"This boat buying experience was better than I expected. Tom George Yacht Group is top notch in customer service from the day we picked the boat up with Capt. Wayne taking his time to explain in detail everything we needed to know about our new boat to the standard servicing of our motor six months later. Dusty, sales manager, is easily accessible and always available to support us whenever needed even months after purchasing the boat. Great work by a great team!"

Andrea B.

I ordered a brand new Edgewater 370 from these guys and I’ve continually been impressed by the care and professionalism I’ve received. Everything I asked for and needed was done in a correct and timely manner. I highly recommend them when purchasing a new/used boat or with needing service. They took care of my older boat’s service and sale as well and again, the care was impeccable. Thanks to the entire staff, especially Dusty who handled me for 4 or 5 years before I made the order. I always felt I was a very valued customer even when just “looking”. I look forward to many years of a great working relationship.

Kevin A.

"Dusty is a rare find in the luxury yacht/boat sales arena. From the moment I met him at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show to delivery of my boat and all points in between and after, he has redefined what excellence in pre-sale, service and after sale support should be. I've been away from boating for a quarter of a century and his support has been invaluable in not only ensuring that my needs and expectations are met, but in restoring a love of the sport. It's rare that a friendship is formed on the basis of a purchase, but he's easily earned a friend in me and my family. Don't look any further if you're looking for a knowledgeable dealer with integrity willing to earn your lifelong business."

Timothy K.

"I have met many sales persons over the years and there is only one that is at the top of my list hitting all 10s, OK 15's! Never owning a boat before we only knew one thing, we wanted a boat and had lots to learn. We met Dusty 2.5 years ago at the Tampa boat show, he stuck out in our minds from the start as an honest as a person gets, he also was genuinely interested in mine and my wife's overall satisfaction regardless of what boat and dealership we worked with, this was obvious because he provided droves of great information that was non model specific and was solely for our desire to become boat owners. we even discussed with him used boat visits we would make that had nothing to do with his sales efforts, again genuine guidance and support, never once making it all about Cobalt. Fast forwarding to the decision. we narrowed our choice down to 2 boats, 27' Sea Ray and 25' Cobalt. After Sea trialing both boats back to back at two dealerships, Marker One and Marine Max there was absolutely no choice to be made any further. We took ownership of our new Cobalt from Marker One on Wednesday. I have never been more impressed with the man behind the job than I am with Dusty, my wife and I consider Dusty a friend and look forward to meeting his wife soon. If you're a new boat owner or not, there is only one guy I will ever recommend working with, that same guy we will work with as long as he's on the job, his name is Dusty. Good luck out there!"

Jim and Amy

"Dusty has been tremendous through all facets of my sales experience in my purchase of a Cobalt boat from Tom George Yacht Group. From the beginning his follow up and communications were just at the right level. Clearly he has the ability to adjust according to his audience. In the purchase process I felt as if he was trying to negotiate within his organization on my behalf but the best was his post purchase responsiveness. As a novice boater I have called Dusty from the water, on the weekend, etc. and he always takes my call. If he does not have the answer i know he will research and get back to me. All of this being done without any hesitation even though the purchase was made a year prior. I wish Dusty much success in the future."

Cortland R.

"Dusty was awesome to work with on my boat purchase. He is very knowledgeable on a wide range of boats, and helped me find the perfect boat that met my requirements. Dusty always responded quickly to any questions I had. Great experience!"

Terry T.

"My experience with Dusty selling an Edgewater boat to me and my wife was 100% positive. I never felt pressured at all. He showed us the boat and told us about its features and advantages over the competition. Two years later and we couldn't be happier with our boat. It's lived up to the expectation Dusty portrayed and we never experienced the buyer's remorse people sometimes feel after a large purchase."

Brian C.

"I have worked with Dusty through his role at Tom George Yacht Group. Dusty is very customer focused. He follows up on all open items to make sure they are closed and can solve things as big as getting a new boat, or a small replacement snap for the boat. He is energetic and knows his industry well."

Hector M.

"Dusty is truly passionate about helping people, personally and professionally. He is driven, enthusiastic, and a true pleasure to work with. Dusty is one of the best networkers I know. When working with Dusty, it's obvious he puts other people's desires before his own. He's friendly, easy to talk with, and a great listener. Dusty has a way of putting people at ease within moments of first meeting him. I'm a huge fan of Dusty Smieja and highly recommend him."

Mike W.