Everglades 435cc: Review, Walkthrough and Whether It’s The Right Boat For You

Often touted as a big boy, center console fishing machine, the Everglades 435cc is that and more. While equipped for incredible fishability, the Everglades 435cc also has features and amenities making it an ideal family boat. Who says you have to choose between the trophy catch and a day on the sandbar? With the Everglades 435cc, you don’t.

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Large offshore center consoles hit the market roughly a decade ago with the advancements in outboard engine technology, and with each year that passes, boat builders continue to up the ante with regards to features and performance. These big center consoles offer luxurious amenities, high fishability, seaworthy hulls and the versatility and spaciousness for your entire family plus some extra friends. Everglades brought its technology and reputation to this category when the company introduced the 435 center console in 2015. The 435cc has continued to evolve in recent years, and the 2019 Everglades 435cc is the best version yet.

With all Everglades boats, it starts with the build quality. Everglades’ patented RAMCAP construction technology leads to the utmost in quality, and you can feel it while on the water. The vessel is noticeable quiet of creaks and rattles even when blasting out into open water powered by its quad Yamaha outboard engines. As Everglades like to say, the 435cc gets you “43 feet of unsinkable innovation.”

The 435cc is an excellent transition boat for someone upgrading from a 32 – 35 foot center console, looking for a little more boat, but aren’t yet ready to give up dayboating with family and friends. This person may eventually end up in a sportfish yacht, and the Everglades 435cc is a common bridge boat for such a boat ownership curve.

Similarly, for the previous sportfish owner looking for something a little easier to use and maintain with less upkeep and crew costs, the 435cc offers a number of sportfish capabilities while enabling easy dayboating and access to shallower waters.

While the singularly focused angler may opt for a more rugged boat designed to accomplish nothing but chasing the trophy catch, the Everglades 435cc provides versatility for the family while still providing all the fishability that most require.

The Everglades 435cc has a length of 42’ 8”, a 12’ beam and 610 gallons of fuel capacity.


Calling the Everglades 435cc a versatile boat is true, but it’s also risks underselling the impressive fishability that the boat provides. It’s not an overstatement to say that Everglades went all out on offshore fishing capabilities. In fact, one reviewer previously noted that the 435cc is “all about serious offshore fishing work.”

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Forward in the bow, you’ll find a 225-gallon fish locker complete with overboard discharge. At the transom, you’ll find two lighted 60-gallon livewells flanking a 45-gallon fish box. The rigging station located behind the second row of console seats comes with ten tackle drawers, spool holders, two cutting boards with built-in tool and knife organizers and a large sink with fresh and raw water hoses. The 435cc can store up to 40 rods and the twin outrigger package comes standard.

Family Friendly Versatility

There’s a reason that boaters who want incredible fishability, the ability to jump over to the Bahamas or Florida Keys and the features and amenities that make a family day on the water enjoyable take a hard look at the Everglades 435cc. Just as builders of dual console boats have worked to improve fishability, large center consoles have indeed made great progress in including luxurious, family friendly amenities.

Sure the 435cc can handle 40 rods and comes complete with over 300 gallons of fish box and livespace space, but family members will especially appreciate the available seating, the large hardtop and the cabin amenities.

A full six people can sit under the hardtop with three seats at the helm and a second row of console seating via a fold-down bench (the second row of seating can be folded up to enable more walkaround space during fishing excursions). The seating for six, under cover, is a nice amenity providing comfort for the entire family while on long runs.  An optional awning extension is available to provide even more shade to the cockpit area.

Twin chaise lounges just forward of the helm are both gorgeous and comfortable. Bow seating is enough for five people, and a bow table can be raised or lowered with a cushion to create a larger sunpad. In the back, a forward-facing bench seat folds out from the transom to provide even more seating options.

Image 1589: everglades 435cc seating
Image 1587: everglades 435cc seating 2

The cabin area down below comes complete with air conditioning, a microwave and a shower. Most owners won’t regularly sleep on the boat, but when necessary on occasion, the space works well. The space is even more conducive for the kids who need a break from the sun or are looking for a place to rest.

As always, the percentage of time allocated to primary and secondary use cases of the boat will be a crucial factor in consideration of any boat, but it’s tough to find such a family friendly boat with the performance and fishability of the Everglades 435cc.


The new 2019 Everglades 435cc can be powered by quad Yamaha 425 horsepower engines giving the boat 1700 horsepower with a top end speed of approx. 60mph and a comfortable cruising speed of 40mph. You can opt for quad Yamaha 300s, or for those looking for less fuel burn and a more open transom, triple 425s can be configured.

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Is The Everglades 435cc Right For You?

The use cases available with the Everglades 435cc are quite impressive. Whether it’s a simple day on the sandbar with the kids or getting to the keys from Florida’s west coast on a single tank of fuel at 40mph, both are easily accomplished with the 435cc.

Many prospective buyers are pleased to learn that the main differentiating features of the Everglades 435cc – namely, the fishability, the large hardtop and the plethora of seating – come standard. Getting into a new Everglades 435cc is possible in the $700,000-$750,000 range while the optional upgrades and additional features available can lead to a price tag that approaches $1 million. Common upgrades include the tower and teak wood finishes. Starting in 2019, the Seakeeper gyro stabilizer is now standard.

While maintaining an impressive standard feature set at the entry level price point, the wide price range speaks to the highly customizable boat that the Everglades 435cc is. Truly, you can make the 435cc what you want.

If you have any questions on the Everglades 435cc or would like to schedule a visit to our showroom to see the boat in person, please contact us today.