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Greg Anthony

New Product Specialist

About Greg Anthony

A Tampa Bay area native, Greg was born just a few short miles from the gulf and has lived his life in, on, and around it ever since. His early years were spent fishing in south Tampa off the Gandy bridge, Ballast Point pier, and pretty much any other body of water he could cast into. These days, not a lot has changed. When he's not helping his clients find the right boat for their needs or leading customer yachting getaways up and down the Florida coastline you can inevitably find him scuba diving in the Keys, cruising the bay, or exploring and hiking in the Appalachians.

After majoring in mass communications at the University of South Florida, Greg struck out into the business world as an entrepreneur. He started and ran a successful telecommunication consulting firm for many years and then eventually created and operated his own independent record label that signed, produced and published emerging local talent and catapulted them to international acclaim.

Although his route to the marine industry was a circuitous one, once he arrived he knew he would never leave.

As an eighteen-year veteran of the industry, his skills and knowledge were honed and success achieved by always putting his client's needs first and foremost while utilizing a consultative approach to selling. Greg attributes his success to his customer-centric outlook and by always acting as a buyer's advocate. He enjoys nothing more than fostering long-term, meaningful relationships with his clients and helping to make their boating dreams come true! To Greg, boating isn't just business, it's a way of life.