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Introducing the Lexus LY 650

The legendary Lexus craftsmanship goes beyond the road with the groundbreaking release of the first ever production yacht built by a car manufacturer. The first of what will be an entirely new line of yachts, the L650 is challenging people's perception of Lexus, evolving from a company that builds luxury cars to a global luxury lifestyle brand.

The Lexus L series yacht line is a long researched and concerted effort by Lexus that is coming to the recreational marine industry and is here to stay as a long-term player. Partnering up with renowned yacht manufacturer Marquis Yachts, the Lexus team has created an incredible synergy, merging the best of their manufacturing processes with the yacht construction experience of the Marquis team.

We at TGYG truly excited to be a part of this new venture with Lexus and Marquis, bringing the weight of a multi-billion-dollar international manufacturing company together with one of the best yacht builders in the business. We are expecting to see some incredible and groundbreaking new products in the coming years!

The Lexus design and famous "L-finesse" has seamlessly made the transition from the automotive to the maritime world in the LY650. With a 65-foot overall length and a 19-foot beam, the newest Lexus yacht has a distinguished style. The strong, pronounced bow, curved deck accents and accentuated aft hips give the LY650 a modern, unique profile.

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