Lexus LY 650: Video Walkthrough and First Look

Posted Date: 10/07/2019

The Lexus LY 650 yacht is here and will be debuting to the public at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Our team had a chance to see the boat first-hand and discuss with the Marquis Yacht Group everything that went into this historic vessel. This article details our first impressions and key takeaways of the brand new Lexus yacht. 

When speaking with the Marquis Group team about the design and construction process in the recent years that led to the debut of the Lexus LY 650 yacht, it quickly became apparent that a truly unprecedented attention to detail was utilized in crafting this one-of-a-kind yacht. While obsession over luxury and design has been a hallmark of the Lexus brand for decades, it’s quite impressive to see the essence of Lexus manifest itself in a highly functional and gorgeous yacht. 

In designing the Lexus LY 650, the goal was to build something highly distinct in the market. The Lexus LY 650 is extraordinarily unique, and the more time you spend with the vessel, the more you appreciate the attention to detail in even the more minor features and design choices. 

Image 1729: lexus ly 650 video walkthrough

Upon approaching the yacht, the uniqueness is immediately evident as you gaze upon the exterior. Lexus took lead on the exterior design, and this can be seen in the smooth and flowing lines throughout. The fluidity of the design is so beautiful that categorizing the Lexus LY 650 merely as “sporty” seems inadequate. The idea of “movement even when at rest” is a Lexus design principle that is very present in both the exterior and interior design of the LY 650.

The curved sides of the vessel are a primary design feature giving the yacht a very distinct look, but they also enable an extremely wide beam of 18’ 11” as well as wide exterior walkways that are accompanied by high gunwales and guard rails providing plenty of security.  The yacht has a sharp hull entry ensuring excellent ride quality when running the yacht - another pillar of the Lexus brand.

The interior’s design was led by Nuvolari & Lenard, and the Marquis Group team masterfully combined the Italian design with the Japanese influence of Lexus into a yacht interior unlike any other. When entering the salon, you’re immediately presented with a highly inviting space naturally lit through enormous windows, and the interior of the yacht is where the attention to detail truly comes alive. 

Image 1727: lexus ly 650 interior

The flowing lines of the aesthetic are quite present throughout the interior. No surface is left to the ordinary. Each space is marked by accent lighting, gorgeous stitching and curved furniture. The tone and pattern of the eucalyptus wood throughout this first hull of the Lexus line is simply stunning and a worthy upgrade for buyers’ consideration.

The visibility from the helm is unlike anything we’ve seen in similar sized yachts. The massive windshield and windows combined with the Volvo Penta glass cockpit and joystick system make this yacht incredibly owner-operator friendly. 

The mini-galley/mid-level space is a nice touch where owners and guests can grab a coffee or water in a robe without ascending all the way to the main deck. The overhead windows give it an open, atrium-like feel.  

The master suite is extraordinarily spacious and impeccably designed with the Lexus aesthetic. As with all surfacing throughout the vessel, the smooth and flowing nature of the space creates a gorgeous look. This is seen in many places including the ceiling accent lighting and curved bed frame. Throughout the living quarters, Marquis and Lexus truly achieved a wonderful combination of function, design and comfort. 

Image 1728: lexus ly 650 interior 2

The stunning Lexus LY 650 packs plenty of power and is filled with the latest technology. The yacht is powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS engines which enable the boat to achieve top speeds up to 33 knots and cruising speeds of 27 knots. The CZone system allows you to monitor and manage every system on the yacht from an iPad, and the LY-Link system lets you keep an eye on your vessel from anywhere in the world or send important diagnostic information to your service provider at regular intervals. The yacht features four joystick control stations (two in the cockpit, one at the lower helm and one at the upper helm) which make for easing docking.

As to be expected with premium Lexus interiors, sound quality from the audio system was an important consideration. Customers can upgrade to a Mark Levinson sound system which includes some of the best audio equipment on the planet.  

This extraordinary yacht is unabashedly Lexus, however it’s also American made. The team at Marquis Yachts clearly rose to the challenge in building a yacht this unique with the exacting standards of Lexus and parent Toyota Motor Corporation. 

Ride quality and speed were important requirements for the yacht. Marquis engineers built the hull with 80% carbon fiber to keep the vessel light. Carbon fiber is used extensively throughout the boat to maintain structural stiffness without adding to its weight. The sportfish hull bottom and sharp hull entry lets the Lexus LY 650 cut through the water when running. The yacht’s gyro stabilizer (plus automatic trim tabs) provides quite a bit of stability for the vessel whether at rest in the marina or running in open water. 

The yacht features a surprisingly large engine room with plenty of head room and space to access the engines, generator and other components. The engine room also has direct access to a very roomy crew quarters complete with full head. 

Design and engineering teams went through meticulous iterations for everything from strain testing to interior sound proofing, and the results speak for themselves. The Lexus LY 650 is bound to turn heads and be a must-own for boaters looking for the next level of unique styling, attention to detail and yachting performance. 

Note: The Lexus LY 650 is receiving extraordinary attention currently. If you wish to see the yacht in person, it is imperative you have an appointment. Please call (727) 734-8707 if you wish to see the yacht at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

With the extraordinary attention this yacht is and will continue to receive during and after the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, it is advised to schedule an appointment ahead of time with your Lexus dealer to see the Lexus LY 650 in person. Tom George Yacht Group, a certified Lexus dealer, is taking appointments now. If you are interested, please call (727) 734-8707.