TGYG Closes out 1st Qrt 2010 with Outstanding Sales Results

Posted Date: 04/02/2010
TGYG completes March 2010 with outstanding sales results. The momentum started in Oct 2009 after the Ft Lauderdale boat show where TGYG had a stunning display at Pier 66. We featured a 112' 2006 Westport, a 100' 2006 Hatteras MY, and a 2009 77' Hatteras convertible. Following Ft. Lauderdale, the Miami boat show kicked off bringing closures to several of the new clients we had been working. These included MY Imagine, a 2008 112' Westport to a new client, a closing on the Central Listing "Jerky Time" a 2006 74' Lazzara, (listed less than 2 weeks), a 2008 38' Cabo, (another new listing) and a 53' Hatteras, both of which were for sale for less than 30 days. For the Quarter we had a 34' Regal sold to a new client, 29' Fountain, 3305 Whaler, 24' SeaRay Sundeck and several other Sea Ray listings. With these outstanding results TGYG cruises into 2010 with a very strong start and we have a good bit of activity still working in April and expect several other large MY closings to come together. TGYG remains focused and committed to serving it's client base with a growing number (4 total) yacht Brokers and a long list of clients, TGYG will set more records in 2010 for sales and other services to offer. Other F & I services to note: TGYG secured a long term financing loan for a long time client in excess of $4,000,000 in Marine Lending. When all other lenders could not find funds TGYG got it done in partnership with Intercoastal Finance. Intercoastal has been a great source for TGYG clients with excellent rates and plenty of money to lend. Additonally, TGYG's partnership with Connelly Baldwin Insurance have secured Insurance for all of our closings including the larger 112's and others this quarter. TGYG offers many services focused on benefiting the customer and offers the most competitive rates and terms as compared to being a income stream for other dealerships. TGYG puts its clients first with first rate service and attention. TGYG also added two new jets to its list of Aircraft; a 1983 Lear 55 and a 1998 Lear 60. (Check them out on the sales tab under aircraft). Also TGYG secured a lease on its Hawker 750 to a new client that lives in Orlando. With this partnership TGYG continues to offer, both Yacht, Aircraft and Charter services to all clients. We offer more services to our clients than all other dealerships that are nationwide firms. Our personalized service approach and our committment to our clients enables us to out pace and out perform these other larger Boat dealerships that have recently downsized and are struggling. TGYG has a low cost approach to business and can outlast most of the larger firms with ease.. Stay tunned much more coming in 2010 from TGYG..