Tom George Yacht Group Accepts Bitcoin

Posted Date: 04/04/2018

Image 1337: bitcoin logo

After opening our new showroom on US 19 in Clearwater, Tom George Yacht Group completed one of our first deals out of the new location accepting Bitcoin.


TGYG Sales Manager, Dusty Smieja, began researching how the crypto currency works after receiving an inquiry from a customer looking to use Bitcoin to purchase a new Cobalt 26SD. He called several local marine dealers, but no one in the area had ever completed a deal using Bitcoin. Dusty was able to gain some insight from a Lamborghini dealership in New Port Beach, California that completes an average of 7 deals a month using Bitcoin. Using the information Dusty provided and additional research, TGYG CFO, Dennis Hill, determined the simplest way to accept the Bitcoins was through BitPay, a global payment service provider.


BitPay allows customers to easily convert Bitcoins into U.S. dollars and other currencies. Through a simple process, the customer transferred his Bitcoins through BitPay, converting them into cash. BitPay then directly transfered the money to TGYG, completing the transaction. The customer is set to receive his new Cobalt 26SD this week.


When asked to describe his experience purchasing his new 26SD with Bitcoin, the customer said “It was super fast and easy. I literally closed the deal through text message. Tom George Yacht Group made it very easy.” Tom George Yacht Group is looking forward to accepting more Bitcoin deals in the future.


Image 1338: 26SD delivery

Cobalt 26SD Delivery


For more information, contact the Tom George Yacht Group at 727-734-8707 or visit the new showroom at 17116 US Hwy N, Clearwater, FL 33764.