5 Reasons to Buy a Cobalt

Posted Date: 09/18/2017

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Here are 5 Reasons to buy a new Cobalt Boat from TGYG vs. a pre-owned boat


1.       The Right Options and Equipment.  TGYG orders our in-stock selection of Cobalt boats with many upgrades and custom features that you will not find on Cobalts ordered for other markets.  We are Tampa Bay boaters like you. Throughout the construction process we work with the Cobalt factory to build the best possible boat to meet the unique needs of boaters in Tampa Bay.  Items like electropolished 316L stainless steel, freshwater cooled engines and enhanced outdrives are options added specifically for our saltwater environment


2.       First-Class Service.  When you purchase a new Cobalt boat from TGYG you get not only the best runabout sport boat available today, but you receive unparalleled service and support to match.  TGYG has a unique concierge service program for our new boat buyers that will greatly enhance your ownership experience.  You have one phone number to call for all your service and maintenance requirements. Rest assured that TGYG’s service team will get you taken care of, regardless of where you happen to be boating with your TGYG Cobalt boat.


3.       New Boat Warranties.  All Cobalt boats purchased new from TGYG come with a factory backed, industry leading warranty. Cobalt’s 5 year Bow to Stern Component Warranty provides you peace of mind coverage on all components, canvas and upholstery. Gas sterndrive powered Cobalts come with 5 years of warranty coverage and their outboard powered boats have a full 3 years of warranty protection. Cobalt also provides a full 3 years of coverage on their gelcoat finish and 10 years of warranty coverage on their hull, deck and structural components.  Additionally, to enhance your value come re-sale time the balance of the warranty is transferrable to the next owner. Please see Cobalt Boats site for additional details.


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4.       The Latest Technology and Enhancements.  Cobalt is dedicated to consistently improving and upgrading their boats with the most reliable and advanced technology.  They take time listening to current Cobalt owners and dealers to implement requested modifications and upgrades, with the goal of building the best boat possible.


5.       Proudly American Made.  Cobalt boats are built in Neodesha, Kansas and have been since 1968.  Being made in the USA has benefits for Cobalt owners. The factory is easily accessible, approximately a 90 minute drive from the Tulsa, OK airport.  Cobalt welcomes any current and prospective Cobalt owners to tour the factory and see first-hand what makes separates Cobalt from other boat builders.  Those having a Cobalt boat custom built are encouraged to visit the factory to see their Cobalt being assembled and meet the proud hard working mid-westerners that are building her. 


Image 0883: Cobalt Factory