Bowrider Boats For Sale

Posted Date: 09/13/2019

Image 1716: bowrider boats for sale

What is a bowrider boat? Bowriders typically refer to runabout boats that have seating in the forward part of the boat. They are often in the size range of 17 and 35 feet in length. Bowriders are commonly powered by outboards or sterndrive engines. They are designed mostly for use on lakes and inland water and are quite popular for recreational day cruising and watersports.

Historically, bowriders lack accommodations for sleeping, but some manufacturers have blended the lines between bowrider and express coupe with models such as Cobalt’s A36 which combines practical bowrider features with a fully equipped cabin. 

Before browsing bowrider boats for sale, there are a number of factors you should consider to help narrow down your choices. Consider the following questions as you approach the bowrider buying process:

How much seating will you require? Regardless of what activities you will be enjoying on a regular basis, you’re going to need seating for you and your guests. Consider how many individuals will be with you on the boat on a typical day on the water. This will not only help you determine the size of the boat you need, but also help identify what layouts work best for you.

What kind of storage space will you need? If you only need life jackets for a few individuals, storage space might not be a huge priority. If watersports for a large group are in order, then make sure to consider whether you will have enough space for the accessories you own as you browse various models.

Is the boat sufficient for watersports? If watersports are a priority, talk to your broker or salesperson about whether the boat is appropriate for watersports. If you’re pulling skiiers, you’ll need enough power in the engines. Additional features such as wakeboard towers and storage for watersports accessories are also worth considering.

What type of shade is preferred? Often dictated by the presence of children on the boat or not, boat owners have different preferences when it comes to shade. Some bowriders come with hardtop options and others can be fitted with a Bimini top. 

Other Considerations

When browsing bowrider boats for sale, two other considerations of your search process are budget and whether you wish to buy new or used. 

When determining your budget range for your boat purchase, don’t forget to factor in insurance and maintenance costs. Your insurance agent can help you estimate insurance costs. With respect to maintenance costs, talk with the salesperson about expected costs. Or, even better, talk with a trusted service professional about the year and model of the boat you might be considering and get an idea of what expenses you might incur in the years ahead.

While buying a used boat can obviously mean spending less upfront, used boats can come with more maintenance issues over time. Consider whether the boat was used in saltwater or freshwater. Getting a used boat properly inspected by a trusted professional is imperative. The advantage of buying a new boat, of course, is that the vessel will typically have the latest and best technology and features plus come with some sort of warranty. Talk to the salesperson about the warranty and what it covers so you can properly place a value on this part of the purchase.

Bowrider Boats For Sale

Here are some bowrider boats to consider. Click on each one to view more information specific to that model. If you have any questions about which bowrider is best for you and your family, please do not hestitate to contact the sales professionals at Tom George Yacht Group.

Outboard-Powered Cruising

Cobalt 23SC

Image 1714: cobalt23sc

The 23SC is a perfect blend of style, size and performance. This mid-sized, outboard bowrider is created to do it all well! With either a Yamaha or Mercury outboard, you can get into the shallowest of waters while not sacrificing performance and all the while keeping maintenance to a minimum. This vessel offers a built-in head under the port console to make sure your time on the water is not cut short, and in addition, offers not only a bow ladder for beach landings but also a stern ladder for easy access in and out of the water.

Click here to learn more about the Cobalt 23SC.

Cobalt 25SC

Image 1713: cobalt 25sc

Cobalt luxury with outboard power. Whether navigating shallow Tampa Bay waters or looking to get closer to 3 Rooker sandbar, or Beer Can Island, the Cobalt 25SC gives you the fit & finish of a Cobalt, with the versatility of an outboard engine. This Cobalt 25SC is powered by a Mercury Verado 300hp engine and equipped with a transom freshwater shower, flip down swim step, premium JL stereo, Garmin glass cockpit and sport tower, this Cobalt 25SC is equipped and ready to cruise!

The wide bow enables incredible spaciousness at the front of the boat, and the forward entry ladder is perfect for easy access to the sand bar. 

Click here to learn more about the Cobalt 25SC

Cobalt 30SC

Image 1712: cobalt 30sc

The 30SC is Cobalt luxury powered by outboards. The Cobalt 30SC is powered by twin Mercury or Yamaha 300hp engines and can achieve top speed of 51+ mph. The 30SC can get more than 3mpg at a cruising speed of approximately 13 mph. Equipped with a bow and transom freshwater shower, flip down swim step, Garmin glass cockpit and trim tabs, this Cobalt is equipped and ready to cruise!

The 30SC is a top-of-the-line boat masterfully combining performance, handling, comfort and luxury.

Click here to learn more about the Cobalt 30SC

Sterndrive Runabouts 

Cobalt R5

Image 1715: cobalt r5 

The spacious & versatile Cobalt R5 boasts the most interior cockpit space in it's class. Equipped with a Volvo-Penta 300hp, closed-cooling V8, she has more than enough power for watersports enthusiasts, and enough luxury for a sunset cruise, or lunch trip to your favorite sandbar. Complete with a transom freshwater shower, Garmin glass cockpit & Volvo-Penta's digital throttle controls, this Cobalt R5 has all of the right options!

Click here to learn more about the Cobalt R5.

Cobalt R7

Image 1711: Cobalt R7

The Cobalt R7 has tremendous amounts of seating, and a running surface that comfortably handles choppy waters on the Gulf, and is ideal for coastal cruising. Whether you're looking to spend a day at Egmont Key, or run to Sunday brunch at Island Way Grill, the Cobalt R7 is the ideal boat for you. Powered by a Volvo-Penta 350hp, complete with closed cooling, Ocean-X package, EVC digital throttle controls, a Garmin glass cockpit and cockpit sink, this R7 is optioned just the way you'll want. With Cobalt's patented swim step at the transom, boarding the boat from the beach has never been easier. Come by our Clearwater showroom today to take a closer look!

Click here to learn more about the Cobalt R7.

Cobalt R30

Image 1710: cobalt r30

Ask any of the numerous Cobalt R30 owners, and they'd tell you that the Cobalt R30 is the perfect day boat for cruising around the Tampa Bay area from Ft. DeSoto, past Salt Rock Grill to 3 Rooker. With a standard hydraulic swim platform, and the perfect blend of luxury and sport handling, the Cobalt R30 leaves nothing to imagination. Powered by twin, Volvo-Penta 300hp engines, complete with joystick docking controls and closed cooling Ocean-X package, she will top 55mph with ease, and cruise comfortably around 35mph. Add in the Vaccuflush head, windlass and endless seating configurations, the Cobalt R30 is equipped with the right tools for your Tampa Bay boating.

Click here to learn more about the Cobalt R30.

Cobalt R35

Image 1709: cobalt r35

Right at home navigating around Tampa Bay, to Egmont Key, or south Marina Jack's and the Crow's Nest, Cobalt's R35 is everything you're looking for in a day boat. Equipped with a 5kw generator,  air conditioned overnight cabin, head and cockpit air conditioning and you have a boat that's capable of longer distance cruising. Powered by twin, Volvo-Penta 380hp engines, complete with joystick docking controls, Ocean-X, closed cooling package, this Cobalt R35 tops 50mph, while cruising comfortably around 30mph. This well-equipped boat, also has a hydraulic swim platform, extendable cockpit SureShade, windlass, cockpit refrigerator and more. This Cobalt R35 is loaded and ready to go!

Click here to learn more about the Cobalt R35.

Watersports Enthusiasts

Cobalt R5WSS Surf

Image 1708: cobalt r5wss

The Cobalt R5WSS Surf boasts a massive cockpit, achieved by Cobalt's 'Free Space Reclamation'. At 25' in length, the R5WSS Surf perfectly blends the compact water sports boat, w/ the spaciousness of a luxury bowrider. The Cobalt R5WSS Surf's deep V hull design handles choppy intercostal waters with ease. When you're ready for surfing or wakeboarding, Cobalt's Surf system has you ready with the push of a button. Shaping the perfect wake, and loading up with ballast, impressing even the most competitive water sports enthusiasts. Simply engage Performance Mode, and you can run on plane, without the need to empty your ballast tanks. Combine these two with Cobalt's 50 years of luxury boat building, and you've got yourself a winner!

Click here for more information on the R5WSS

Cobalt R7WSS Surf

Image 1707: cobalt r7wss

With the plush, sporty performance you've come to expect from a Cobalt, the Cobalt R7WSS Surf certainly holds its own w/ a deep V hull design that's as much at home in choppy intercostal waters, as it is for your favorite water sports. With the WSS Surf package the boat becomes even more versatile and gives you functionality water sport enthusiasts crave, including ballast tanks & one touch Surf settings. Building the perfect wake with the push of a button to Surf left or right. Simply engage Performance Mode, and the Surf system adjusts, and you're enjoying the smooth, stable running of a deep-v Cobalt!

Click here for more information on the Cobalt R7WSS Surf.

Cobalt CS23 Surf

Image 1706: cobalt cs23

The Cobalt CS23 SURF is the one that leaves larger surf boats in its wake. While still easy on the wallet, the CS23 allows entry level boaters to experience the best of the best in quality and performance right out of the gates, to give an unmatched wake surfing experience without sacrificing comfort. The walk thru transom and bow door alike provide easy access to the water or beach from either end of the boat, while still preserving seating space on the inside and the classic sun pad on the vessel’s stern. Power selections range from a 250hp V6 all the way to a 350hp V8 to accommodate everyone from the rookie wake surfer to the experienced trickster, these engines will accept whatever is thrown at them. Price. Quality. No compromise; CS23 Surf!

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