Carver C34 Coupe - Bold New Generation

Posted Date: 05/01/2018


References to generations, especially the millennials, are commonly discussed topics in the media, in social settings and just about everywhere else. We've all heard and, perhaps, said how different one is from another and not always in a complimentary fashion. Yet in spite of the tendency of some to criticize certain age groups as a whole, each generation brings a certain significance and makes a mark on history.

The same might be said about generations of boats. Carver Yachts, for example, ingeniously packed a surprising number of amenities in the Wisconsin builder's new C34 Coupe. Her plumb bow allows the boat to carry her beam further forward to maximize cabin volume.
A long hull stripe that houses interior portholes and portlights helps break up her ample freeboard. Dark accent colors on the coach roof and contoured windows enhance her aesthetics presenting a sleek modern style. With her 34-foot length, she may be a little more puffin than swan, but she has an appealing look for a vessel this size.

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