How Carver Yachts' Construction and Build Process Results in a Superior Constructed Boat

Posted Date: 09/15/2017

The manufacturing process of boats can vary from company to company. Manufacturing quality can often be impacted by the degree in which component construction is outsourced. Carver Yachts takes pride in building most of its components in-house to maintain the highest levels of quality control, reliability, and structural integrity.

For over 60 years, Carver Yachts has focused on building boats capable of handling the toughest conditions one can find. For decades, the Great Lakes have provided the conditions for Carver Yachts to build the best boats possible. Fresh water is much harder than salt water, and the Great Lakes’ waves can be steep and breaking. Boats must have an extra measure of strength and performance to handle these conditions. Mix in a fantastic level of comfort and luxury and you have a Carver Yacht. 

 Image 0874: Carver Yachts Build Process 1

To achieve great performance and excellent fuel economy, a lighter boat is key. To keep boats lighter without compromising strength, Carver uses a unique vacuum infused resin technology that draws in a precise amount of resin to saturate the fiberglass laminate as opposed to “over wetting” as other processes can do.

This innovative technology results in the elimination of voids and excess fiberglass as well as resin build-up resulting in a lighter and stronger component. Carver uses this technique in the formation of hulls as well as other component parts. The end result is the elimination of hundreds of pounds of excess weight while improving strength and performance.

Moreover, Carver hulls are further supported with an extraordinary stringer system that reinforces the bow as much as the hull bottom. If you find yourself in rough seas, the attention to detail that Carver is known for in its construction and manufacturing processes will be quite noticeable.

Image 0875: Carver Construction 2 

The emphasis on innovation and technology also extends to the electronics, propulsion, and comfort systems on each Carver Yacht. 

With respect to lamination components below the water line, Carver only uses the best. This serves to minimize potential structural deterioration from water immersion. Additionally, hull strength is enhanced due to each hull liner being made from super-strong fiberglass. Structural support throughout the vessel is maximized via aluminum floor trusses and cabin trusses. Carver Yachts even builds their own radar arches from welded premium grade aluminum. Throughout the boat, Carver’s attention to build quality is visible. 

Image 0876: Carver Yachts Construction 2

The attention to quality extends further to the wiring inside the boat. All wiring is measured per boat specifications with each harness assembly machine-tied every 16 inches. Aluminum AC breaker boxes provide added protection and ensure breakers remain grounded and isolated in the event of a short. Magnetic circuit breakers provide a stable transfer of power and eliminate unnecessary tripping due to heat or humidity. All AC and DC electrical panels, gauges and breakers are assembled and installed in Carver facilities.

The interior of every Carver Yacht is designed to offer more room and comfort than boats of comparable size. The interior design of the salon and staterooms are both spacious and gorgeous.

The interior space is marked by high-gloss wood finished furnishing and cabinetry. Upholstered components, drapery, and seating are made using fabrics that are hand selected, hand cut and hand sewn using only the highest quality standards.

Before you ever see a Carver Yacht, it goes through more than 300 inspection points, soak testing and engine run-up. It’s a manufacturing process refined over decades that ensures every Carver Yacht owner only has the finest experience in boating.