Center Console Boats For Sale

Posted Date: 10/16/2019

In Florida and elsewhere, center console boats are immensely popular. In today’s market, a vast range of center console options exist spanning a variety of sizes and suiting everything from hardcore fishing to family fun. While those seeking center console boats for sale quite often have fishing top of mind, the reality is that center consoles are quite versatile and can be great for a wide range of water activities.

The center console boat is a boat that has a helm station on a single console in the center of the boat. The boat typically has a fairly open deck both up in the bow and at the back of the vessel. Depending on the boat, there can also be some seating in various parts of the boat. The layout and design is quite versatile for supporting a range of boating activities.

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Center console boats are built to be fast with outboard engine power and to handle rougher seas than a typical bowrider boat due to its deep-V, strong hull construction. Most center console boats are trailerable and operable without captains. 

While every model is different, a typical center console boat under 25-feet will feature seating for at least two people up front, space for two at the console, and additional seating for two or more people in the stern. A common rule of thumb is that smaller center consoles can handle up to 7 people. As you get above 25-feet, spaciousness and features increase, and most new center consoles in this size range will also come with a head. As you get into bigger center console boats in the 35-feet and up range, rather than a head compartment, you’ll find a cabin with berths and a galley for cooking. Air conditioning is also common. 

For hardcore anglers, center console boats are tough to beat. The 360-degree fishing where you can fish from the bow, the sides or back in the cockpit make it an ideal vessel for pursuing that trophy catch. Many center console boats come loaded with features such as rod storage, tackle drawers, bait stations and live wells. If your primary use of your boat is to fish, center consoles are indeed a worthy consideration over, say, the dual console boat.

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Maintenance on new center console boats for sale is fairly easy and straightforward in the initial years of ownership. Keeping the boats clean and scrubbing them down after saltwater use is good practice. Follow the owners manual for regularly scheduled maintenance and upkeep. Be sure to factor in fuel expenses, insurance and storage/docking costs when calculating the overall cost of ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are center console boats good for?

Center console boats are ideal fishing boats, but are quite versatile. Boaters use center console boats for fishing, watersports, cruising, or just hanging out with friends and family. 

What are the available sizes of center console boats?

Center console boats can range in size from 15 or 16 feet at the small end of the range all the way up to 65-foot boats. For instance, the HCB Estrella is a 65-foot center console boat.

Browse Center Console Boats For Sale

The below boats are a sample of some of the center console boats for sale here at Tom George Yacht Group. Unsure of your boating needs? Talk to one of our specialists who will talk through your boating plans and help ensure you find the perfect boat to match you and your family’s needs.

EdgeWater 170CC

Image 1732: edgewater 170cc

The EdgeWater 170cc offers solid freeboard, capable of near shore fishing in the Gulf, while also being able to navigate shallower Tampa Bay waters looking for trout, snook or redfish. The optional bow seating cushion provides ample space for a family day on the water to Egmont Key. Come take a look for yourself at the EdgeWater 170cc to see first-hand the EdgeWater difference. Click here to read more about the EdgeWater 170CC.

EdgeWater 188CC

Image 1741: edgewater 188cc

The EdgeWater 188cc offers an excellent running platform for intracoastal waterway cruising, as well as inshore and nearshore fishing. With the optional 17 gallon livewell, the EdgeWater 188cc is capable of letting you fish all day, and the optional bow seating means your family will have plenty of seating when heading to Honeymoon Island. Click here to read more about the EdgeWater 188CC.

EdgeWater 208CC

Image 1740: edgewater 208cc

This EdgeWater 208cc center console with the 200HP four stroke Yamaha really delivers a ride usually reserved for boats larger than 20'. Available with optional t-top, this nimble center console allows you to venture to open water fishing, while still having the ability to traverse some shallow, inshore waters looking for snook or redfish. The bow and transom seating means this well appointed center console, holds its own very well for family trips to Caladesi Island, or a sunset cruise to Fresco's Waterfront Bistro. Click here to read more about the EdgeWater 208CC.

EdgeWater 262CC

Image 1739: edgewater 262cc

Blending the dry ride of an offshore center console with the luxurious, comfortable seating of a day boat, the EdgeWater 262cc can do it all. With twin, Yamaha power and 163 gallon fuel capacity, the choices for fishing spots is endless. A spacious head compartment awaits inside the center console, and a standard dive door allows for easier boarding at the dock and beach. On site at TGYG located at Marker 1 Marina, the EdgeWater 262cc awaits. Click here to read more about the EdgeWater 262CC.

EdgeWater 320CC

Image 1738: edgewater 320cc

The EdgeWater 320cc center console is one of the most impressive performing center consoles available. With twin, 300hp Yamaha engines, the EdgeWater 320cc will do 55+mph, and cruise at 40mph while getting nearly 1.5mpg. Boasting a large cockpit, and plenty of livewell and fishbox storage, the EdgeWater 320cc can get you to any fishing ground you'd like. At the same time, the plush, luxurious bow & transom seating allow the EdgeWater 320cc to be great for a sunset cruise, or trip to Shephards in Clearwater Beach. Located at our Clearwater showroom location, come by TGYG to take a look in person at the EdgeWater 320cc! Click here to read more about the EdgeWater 320CC.

Everglades 243CC

Image 1737: everglades 243 center console

The Everglades 243CC is the offshore, bay boat all rolled into one. Whether fishing the flats in 16 inches of water, or running 30 miles offshore, the 243CC is sure to not only deliver, but exceed expectations.  The 243CC will hold 82 gallons of fuel, giving extended range fishability to any offshore fisherman. There is also the option for jack-plate and platforms, perfect for shallower waters. From the ground up, Everglades boasts only top tier construction from their unsinkable hulls, to the standard powder coated railings and pop up cleats that you will find as expensive options on other boats. Make way for the legendary center console, the Everglades 243CC! Click here to read more about the Everglades 243CC.

Everglades 253CC

Image 1736: everglades 253 center console

The Everglades 253CC is the perfect platform for those who can’t make up their mind to fish or just cruise, and lucky for them they don’t have to! Starting at the bow, this rig showcases luxurious bow seating with backrests as well as cooler seating in front of the helm, and transom seating on either side! In addition, a 69-gallon fish box in the floor along with a 26 gallon live-well turns this rig from a family cruiser into a hardcore fishing machine. The huge 91-sqft cockpit is perfect for fishing and entertaining alike. Complete with an easy access panel at the transom to access your vessels critical components, it is all at your fingertips on the Everglades 253CC! Click here to read more about the Everglades 253CC.

Everglades 295CC

Image 1735: everglades 295 center console

The 295CC may be Everglades' mid-size offering, but there is nothing mid-sized about its features or abilities. Anglers have lockable rod storage in the bow and additional rod storage in and under the gunwales, across the transom, and on the hardtop. There are no unfinished surfaces, compartments, or bilges aboard the 295CC, making cleaning at the end of the day a breeze. Not many boats of this size and style can make that claim. The optional hull-side utility door will keep your family safely away from the stern as the kids and friends jump in the water to swim, while also making boarding easy at the dock. Climb aboard the 295CC today! Click here to read more about the Everglades 295CC.

Everglades 335CC

Image 1734: everglades 335 center console

Taking the best features of the already-proven 325cc, the 335cc was designed with luxurious comfort in mind. Integrating fishable function with elegant extras, this 33-foot vessel is one the whole family can get behind.

The 335cc's refined layout allows for improved seating throughout. Anglers and their families will find enhanced luxurious bow seating - including removable forward-facing bow backrests. The new model also features larger, more lavish fold down transom seating - providing a comfortable ride from virtually any seat. 

In addition to its abundant amenities, the 335cc continues Everglades Boats' commitment to fishability. It's larger console and hardtop, plus the bigger built-in coolers and fishbox storage allow for any fisherman to drop a line with ease. The 325cc's bait prep area and tackle storage were reconfigured on the 335 to provide a more intuitive experience on the new 335cc. Click here to read more about the Everglades 335CC.

Everglades 355CC

Image 1733: everglades 355 center console

There are no compromises when it comes to the 355cc Everglades. At a very sought-after size in the center console market, measuring 35'4" and a beam of 10' 8", the 355cc can run 400 miles on Saturday and go to the sandbar on Sunday! The patented RAMCAP hull design gives the owner a powerful, smooth and quiet ride throughout all seating areas. The fishability of the 355cc is outstanding. With more than 24 standard rod holders, outrigger options, abundance of tackle storage and endless options for modern electronics, the 355cc will do everything you ask...short of putting the fish in the boat for you! Click here to read more about the Everglades 355CC.

Everglades 435CC

Image 1742: everglades 435 center console

The flagship model from Everglades the 435CC is one of the most sought after 40+ center consoles on the market. The layout is functional and luxurious at the same time, something that a lot of large center consoles have a tough time achieving. There is no need to sacrifice comfort on this center console and with the ability to add quad 425 HP Yamahas on the back you will not only be the most comfortable but one of the fastest. 

With a 400-mile range at 40mph you have plenty of range to run out to some of the furthest fishing grounds our oceans have to offer. The second row of seating will keep you and 5 others dry and comfortable in the roughest conditions. Once you get to your fishing spot the Yamaha helm master system can keep you over a wreak in 300ft without having to drop anchor, extending the amount of time you and the crew have lines in the water. Add a full second station with outriggers and helm controls; the options are almost endless! Click here to read more about the Everglades 435CC.

Have any questions about any of these center console boats for sale or about boating in general? Please contact us today. We're happy to talk you through any questions or comments you may have.