Express Cruisers For Sale

Posted Date: 09/05/2019

Express cruisers are considered fast cruising boats that are great for families or groups of friends seeking fun day trips or relaxing weekend getaways. These boats offer an excellent combination of performance and amenities enabling you and your guests to get to your location quickly and comfortably. 

As with many categorical terms, the specifics of the definition can vary depending on who is using the term. Typically an express cruiser ranges from 25 to 55 feet, but some consider the range to go even broader up to 65 feet. Express cruisers have a head, a gallery, one or more sleeping spaces and large, open spaces near the helm and cockpit. Express cruisers typically do not have a flybridge and newer models often have a focus on sleek or sporty design.

Express cruisers often come with air conditioning, electrical power from a generator and hookups for quick access to shore power. 

Image 1705: express cruisers for sale

Moreover, the express cruiser can have variations within the category. While express cruisers, at a high level, often refer to a vessel with a single deck above the hull and living space below, we can break down the categorization further. Express cruisers can be semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed. Additionally, the “Mediterranean” or open express yacht is an express yacht with maximum sun space and little to no shade on the main deck. 

What about cabin cruisers? The term isn’t as commonly used as in the past, but there is some overlap with the express cruiser. Cabin cruisers focus a bit more on spaciousness and staterooms as compared to sporty design and performance. Cabin cruisers are often used for weekending or extended vacations.

If you're considering the purchase of an express cruiser, consider asking yourself the following questions in order to narrow down your options. Where do you plan to take the boat? Will you be overnighting regularly? If so, how many guests will typically be with you? 

Unsure of what you’re looking at as you browse express cruisers for sale or need assistance in finding the right boat type for your needs? The Tom George Yacht Group specialists can walk you through a range of options to ensure you find the best long-term fit for you and your family.

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While Carver Yachts has been known for decades for building high quality boats, the company has gone through a renaissance in recent years with its new Coupe line of yachts that feature high-end style, luxurious accommodations and impressive performance. Perhaps no line of express coupes better blends performance and design with incredible spaciousness. The Carver Coupe line is something to behold. For more information, have a look at the following models:

Carver C34 Coupe

Image 1666: carver c34 coupe

Carver wanted to make sure the C34 was a great couples’ boat. While you can sleep up to six people on it, there is a configuration where the entire lower level is one big owner’s suite. No bulkheads, just wide-open space giving the feeling you are in the stateroom of a much larger yacht. Its high freeboard along with the plumb bow extends the 11’ 6” beam well forward and provides an incredible 6’ 5” of headroom. Click here to read more about the Carver C34 Coupe.

  • LOA: 34’ 0”
  • Beam: 11’ 6”
  • Weight (Dry with Standard Engines): 17,300 lbs
  • Draft (Full Load - V-Drive): 40”
  • Draft (Full Load - Sterndrive): 37”
  • Fuel Capacity: 210 gal
  • Water System: 78 gal
  • Holding Tank: 30 gal
  • Bridge Clearance (without radar & mast): 10’ 3”
  • Stateroom Headroom: 6’ 5”
  • Salon Headroom: 6’ 8”
  • Sleeps: 6

Carver C37 Coupe

Image 1668: carver c37 coupe

With a 13’ beam carried forward, the C37 Coupe has an impressively spacious lower deck unexpected in a cruiser of this size. The two stateroom design features a large master stateroom with 6’ 5” of headroom, a queen size bed, two hanging closets and four overhead cabinets with lots of natural light. Click here to read more about the Carver C37 Coupe.

  • LOA: 37’ 8”
  • Beam: 13’ 0”
  • Weight (Dry with Standard Engines): 18,000 lbs
  • Draft (Full Load - V-Drive): 38”
  • Draft (Full Load - Sterndrive): 37”
  • Fuel Capacity: 250 gal
  • Water System: 110 gal
  • Holding Tank: 40 gal
  • Bridge Clearance (without radar & mast): 10’ 6”
  • Stateroom Headroom: 6’ 5”
  • Salon Headroom: 6’ 8”
  • Sleeps: 6

Carver C43 Coupe

Image 1667: Carver C43 Coupe

The C43 is a perfect mid-size cruiser for those that desire a spacious two-stateroom, two-head layout and extended cruising capability. Not only does she sport an impressive 315 mile range at 30mph but offers an expansive one level main deck from the transom all the way to the forward windshield. Click here to read more about the Carver C43 Coupe.

  • LOA: 42’
  • Beam: 13’ 10”
  • Weight (Dry with Standard Engines): 24,150 lbs
  • Draft: 3’ 7”
  • Fuel Capacity: 342 gal
  • Water System: 131 gal
  • Holding Tank: 70 gal
  • Bridge Clearance (without radar & mast): 10’ 10”
  • Stateroom Headroom: 6’ 6”
  • Sleeps: 6

Carver C52 Coupe

Image 1669: carver c52 coupe

The C52 is raising the bar for what boaters can expect out of a 52 foot yacht. She has class leading interior volume, headroom, storage capacity and livability, all wrapped in a gorgeous and luxurious fit and finish, inside and out. Click here to read more about the Carver C52 Coupe.

  • LOA (with swim platform): 51’ 10”
  • Beam: 15’ 8”
  • Weight (Dry with Standard Engines): 43,000 lbs
  • Draft: 48”
  • Fuel Capacity: 550 gal
  • Water System: 150 gal
  • Holding Tank: 80 gal
  • Bridge Clearance (without radar & mast): 14’
  • Stateroom Headroom: 6’ 6”
  • Sleeps: 6