The Lexus LY 650 Debut Marks An Important Moment In The Recreational Yachting Industry

Posted Date: 08/21/2019

The forthcoming debut of the first-ever Lexus production yacht has kept the industry abuzz for well over a year now, and a common question is whether or not the Lexus LY 650 will be a one-off project or the start of something bigger from the world renowned Lexus brand. For those paying attention, the answer is firmly the latter option. Not only is Lexus committing to a sustainable line of yacht models in the years ahead, but the debut of the first of this line marks an important moment in the continual evolution of the recreational yachting industry.

Image 1695: lexus ly 650

Image 1696: lexus ly 650 2

Before getting into industry implications, it’s worth remarking about the thoughtful moves Lexus has made as it prepares to roll out its first yacht, the LY 650. Merging the excellence in design that Lexus has been known for in the automotive industry with the manufacturing capabilities of Marquis Yachts, Lexus is positioning its line to be a long-term player in the industry. The roll out begins with the LY 650 in late 2019 and will continue in the years ahead with additional models.

Backed by the global Toyota Motor Corporation, to say Lexus is well capitalized would be an understatement. History shows that not all yacht manufacturers have been beacons of financial stability, and the entrance of a super capitalized company into the industry is important for a number of reasons. 

First, companies with robust financial backing won’t be as susceptible to economic cycles as lesser-capitalized organizations. Second, and perhaps more importantly, research and innovation in the space can move forward at a continual pace even during periods of lighter economic activity.

As well capitalized companies push the envelope with respect to the design, performance and capabilities of future yacht models, competing companies in the industry will be required to respond in kind. Overall as more yachts are produced by larger, multinational companies, the yachting industry should experience more stability and continual innovation.

Lexus isn’t the first automotive & yachting collaboration, but an interesting comparison is looking back at the acquisition of Princess Yachts by the LVMH group in 2008. LVMH is a global portfolio of 60+ luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Fendi and more. It’s quite possible that Lexus’s branching out of the automotive space is the first move in a transition toward becoming a multinational, luxury lifestyle brand that encomposses automotive, yachting and more.

Perhaps unique to the Lexus and Marquis collaboration, however, is the particular synergies between the organizations. The manufacturing and design prowess of Lexus and Toyota paired with Marquis-Larson Boat Group’s yacht construction methods and process is the perfect partnership to set a new bar in high-end yacht manufacturing. Both sides are fully committed to the collaboration as evidenced by the Lexus personnel living and working onsite at the Marquis factory in Pulaski, Wisconsin. 

Looking in particular at the Lexus LY 650, set to debut at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, the yacht screams luxury. At first glance, the sleek lines, futuristic style and shiny black body might be reminiscent of Lexus automobiles, but the LY 650 goes further. Simply put, this is not your average 65-foot yacht. It’s expensive, and it’s built with ultra premium materials.

Image 1698: lexus ly 650 interior

Image 1697: lexus ly 650 interior 2

While some manufacturers cater to the more practical buyer, practicality is not the emphasis with the LY 650. This yacht is meant to feel luxurious, and it’s mean to turn heads. The Lexus LY 650 buyer walks onto the vessel, sees the incredible interior and has an immediate emotional response that indicates he must own this yacht. The buyer of the Lexus LY 650 wants something spectacular, and this yacht delivers. 

The yacht comes with an overall length of 65’5” and an 18’8” beam. Along with three lavish staterooms, the LY 650 has a luxurious main deck with large windows, sleek curves and ultra premium materials. 

Tom George Yacht Group is proud to partner with Marquis Yachts in the sale of the Lexus LY 650. Should you have questions about the upcoming Lexus LY 650, please contact Tom George Yacht Group today.