Reasons to Buy a New Carver

Posted Date: 05/14/2018

Why Buy A New Carver?

Image 1391: C43 Coupe

The Right Options and Equipment

TGYG orders our in-stock selection of Carver Yachts with many upgrades and custom features that you will not find on Carvers ordered for other markets. We are Florida boaters and have many years of boating and boat building experience. We work with Carver throughout the construction process to ensure our Carvers are built with the options that are important to you. Items like larger air conditioning units with additional vents will keep your boat cool even on hot summer days. Bigger generators will provide enough power to run all the air conditioning units are essential to Florida boating. We work with the factory to build the Carver that will suit all your yachting needs.

 Image 1389: 1412

Superb Service

When you purchase a new Carver Yacht from TGYG, you get not only the best cruising yacht available today, but you also get excellent service and support to match. TGYG has a unique concierge service program for our new boat buyers that will greatly enhance your ownership experience. You have one phone number to call for all your service and maintenance needs. From there, TGYG’s service team will get you taken care of, regardless of where you happen to be boating with your TGYG Carver Yacht.

New Boat Warranties

All Carver Yachts purchased new come with a factory backed 2/5/10 Warranty. 2 Years bow to stern warranty on all systems, 5 years on the hull
exterior for osmotic blistering, and 10 years for all structural components. Additionally, to enhance your value come re-sale time, the balance of the warranty is transferrable to the next owner if sold through TGYG.

The Latest Technology and Enhancements

Carver is dedicated to constantly improving and upgrading their yachts with the latest technology. They are excellent at listening to their current owners and dealers to bring about requested changes and upgrades to make each yacht the best that it can be.

Image 1390: Carver Factory

Carver is Customization

Carver is unique among other yacht builders, in that, they are experts in manufacturing, and they produce many of their own parts. This capability enables them to be very nimble and provide an enhanced degree of customization that other manufacturers are simply not capable of doing. For those who want to personalize their yacht to their own discriminating taste, Carver is the place to go. From cosmetic details like hull color, flooring, and upholstery to custom metalwork, cabinetry, and fiberglass additions, Carver’s in-house expert craftsmen can customize it all.


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