Reasons to Buy a New Carver at TGYG

Posted Date: 12/31/2021

Why Buy A New Carver at the Tom George Yacht Group?

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Ideally Suited for Family Cruising

Carver builds luxury yachts made for cruising, be it for weekend warriors or as a 2nd home. In business building yachts for over 60 years Carver has perfected the balance of style and functionality, built in America for the American style of boating.

Carver excels at buiding yachts with the following in mind:

1. Safety- always #1 priority

2. Reliability- minimal down time and more fun, built to last

3. Functionality- made to be easy to use and extremely comfortable

4. Storage- use of every inch to maximize stowage aboard

5. Style- bridging the contemporary and classic into something uniquely Carver

Whether your plans include a 2 night stay at a nearby destination or an 8 month great loop adventure, nothing beats a Carver Yacht!


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Superb Service

TGYG has a dedicated service department whose sole goal is to take care of clients that purchase yachts from us. 

While our primary territory is the west coast of Florida, we are capable of handling our Carver owner's service needs regardless of location- giving you peace of mind that you are covered, and the only number you need is our service department direct line.

New Boat Warranties

All Carver Yachts purchased new come with a factory backed 2/5/10 Warranty. 2 Years bow to stern warranty on all systems, 5 years on the hull exterior for osmotic blistering, and 10 years for all structural components. Additionally, to enhance your value come re-sale time, the balance of the warranty is transferrable to the next owner if sold through TGYG.

TGYG also offers extended warranties for coverage up to 8 years after the in-service date of your Carver yacht.

TGYG Custom Edition

 All In-Stock Carver Yachts at the Tom George Yacht Group are "TGYG Custom Edition" that are designed with Florida boating in mind- not just your off the shelf one size fits all design that you see with other manufacturers.

1. Oversized air conditioning units

2. Ultra high grade durable and luxurious upholstry

3. Plenty of shade, hardtops and retractable awnings

4. No interior carpeting, only luxury vinyl flooring throughout

5. Fully equipped with a navigation electroincs suite

6. Numerous other additions to maximize durability and functionality in the harsh Florida climate

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Contact the Tom George Yacht Group today to learn more about Carver and how we can make your boating experience truly memorable fun!