Yacht Brokerage Services

Knowledge and Experience

TGYG Certified Professional Yacht Brokers are all knowledgeable and experienced in their field, investing in themselves with continuous education and living the yachting industry day to day. We are able to provide our clients with insightful information and advice so that they can make the best decisions to fit their yachting needs.

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Expert Negotiators

By utilizing our deep experience with yachts and the yacht market, TGYG can effectively negotiate the best possible deal for you. By evaluating factors such as yacht desirability, time on market, seller motivation, possible repairs needed and current market inventory, we craft a smooth purchase strategy that ensures nothing is left on the table.

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Less Stress in Ownership

Beginning the purchase process, at point of sale and through ownership TGYG brokers act as your yacht team quarterback to build the right support staff for you and your yacht. From financing and insurance to crew and maintenance staff, having the right team can make for a truly rewarding yachting experience for you and your family.

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Cutting-edge Marketing

Taking the extra time to get that beautiful photoshoot and video can make all the difference when appealing to a buyer. We help assemble all of your yacht's specifications to make sure nothing is left out, and we help you understand prospective buyers so we can accentuate the features that would most appeal to them. TGYG focuses on the details and gets creative to build your yacht's value.

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Full Market Saturation

At TGYG we regularly review the changing landscape to evaluate the best mediums through which to advertise your boat to put it in front of as many prospective buyers as possible. From traditional mediums like magazines to online MLS sites to physical presence at boat shows and even to social media, we want your yacht to be easy to find and to keep coming up in front of buyers.

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Selling from Strength

The brokers at TGYG know how to walk the fine line to get the most money for your boat while keeping a buyer engaged and interested. Anticipating all aspects of the sale process from the initial offer to the survey and final negotiations will keep you one step ahead and in the driver's seat.

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We can assist our clients in understanding the cost of ownership for their investment throughout the ownership cycle. This allows full transparency for a current or prospective yacht owner to understand the financial picture of ownership and be able to plan accordingly. This greatly reduces owner stress and allows more time to enjoy the benefits of yachting.

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Support Staff

TGYG can help assemble the right team to meet your needs and give you the maximum amount of enjoyment on the water, from full time crew selection to shore-based services like engine maintenance, detailing, haul-out yards, ship supply, etc. Our industry connections will work in your favor no matter where your yachting adventure takes you.

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Expert Advice

Our yacht brokers are there to help our clients with whatever they need. From "Where should I take my family in our yacht this summer?" to "What boatyard should I go to for service?" we're here for you, and our clients are our top priority.

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What to Build?

TGYG's new yacht construction specialists listen to your needs and desires in a custom yacht and give recommendations as to what type of yacht would be the best fit. Sleeping for 10? Long Range Capability? Cruise Speed of 20kts? Shallow Draft? All the items on your list ,big and small, are taken into account in the process to find the right new build for you.

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Choosing the Right Yard

With a good idea of the type of yacht you would desire, the next step is to find the boatyard that has the experience to execute it. TGYG new construction specialists utilize their experience to narrow down the field and come up with the best options to fit your expectations. From Taiwan, China, USA, South America, Europe and even the Middle East, there are many different construction yards to choose from that all have their areas of expertise and niche that they fill. We will help to make sense of all the noise out there and come up with manufacturers that have a proven track record and will deliver you your dream yacht.

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Construction Management

We believe it is of the utmost importance to have someone looking out for your best interests throughout the build process. As your agent, a TGYG specialist will be involved in all aspects of the build to make sure it is going according to plan. Should experts need to be brought in (naval architect, class surveyor), we can find the right people for the job and work with them as well. You will receive regular updates on your project so you can rest easy knowing that we have got you covered.

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